The Signature of All Things.. by Elizabeth Gilbert

This novel tells the story of Alma Whittaker, an upperclass, American woman in the ninth century. Her father, Henry, makes his living dealing in exotic plants and she too develops an interest in botany.The story goes on to tell of her research and family drama as well as her travels.

I originally was drawn to the book because I loved the cover. I was hesitant, however, to read it due to some of the mixed reviews. Some reviewers said it got off to a slow start.  I love historical fiction  so I decided to give it a try. Well, for me anyway, it did absolutely  start slow. Some of the sections read to me as if it was a vintage botany  book. It did pick up a little in the middle. Towards the end, I again had to push through. This was due  to long descriptions of  moss and plants and the story seemed to lack a definite plot. Another issue I had was the writing style seemed to attempt to mimic the writing of the  ninth century. This didn’t seem to really work and just made it harder for me to read. I did, however, connect with the characters and found them well developed  and interesting.

This book would appeal to readers that have an interest in historical fiction  with a scientific theme. For me it was just OK , not one of my favorites, but not a total loss. So I am giving it 3 stars.


Rating:📖 📖 📖

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