My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry…by Fredrik Backman


Elsa is a seven year old girl who is teased for being different at school. Her greatest weapon is her Grandmother. Granny is a wildly excentric and imaginative former doctor. She creates a whole world for Elsa in their fairytale stories. When Granny dies, Elsa feels alone and isolated until she is enlisted by Granny (in a note) to complete a mission to tell those that Granny offended, that she is sorry.
I previously had read Fredrik Backman’s book, ‘A Man Called Ove’. Ove is one of my all time favorite books and characters. Beckman’s ability to create lovable older people is absolutely amazing. Elsa, is very cute in  this story. I did love her as a character. Having two seven year olds myself, I did find her overly precociousness and her worldly knowledge rather unbelievable for a seven year old. To me Elsa’s personality is more of a quirky thirty year old.
   I didn’t quite find this to be a page turner. It lagged quite a bit in the middle and had many long drawn out descriptions of Granny and Elsa’s fairyland. I did find the story cute and endearing and had a strong message about communities and families. I also loved the cast of characters . They were all unique and lovable. In the end I came to really love Granny and how she was not a perfect person but more of a perfect character. 

 Overall a good read. I would recommend for anyone that loves a nice feel good book. Overall four stars.