That Darkness… by Lisa Black

Maggie Gardiner is a crime scene tech in Cleveland, Ohio. Someone is killing all the hardcore criminals. Maggie sets out to find the answers. Little does she know that the killer is one of Cleveland’s finest. (this is revealed in the very beginning of the book).

This is a police and crime scene novel. The crime scene investigation was very realistic and graphic. The author herself is a crime scene technician so the details are well described.There was also some of the history of Cleveland and the Rockefeller mansion that was interesting. There really weren’t as  many twists and turns as  I  would like. Most of the story line was set at the beginning of the novel although the ending was somewhat of a surprise for me. The characters were well-developed and interesting. I would recommend this  novel for anyone that likes police/CSI type books with a gritty and unique story line. I give this novel four stars and look forward to the other books in the Gardiner and Renner series.

I received a copy of this novel via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.




Kindred…by Steve Robinson


Jefferson Tayte, an American genealogist, is on the hunt for this birth parents. His search leads him to Germany where he must untangle his family tree by delving into the horrors of WWII.
I have no idea why everyone doesn’t know what a fantastic author Steve Robinson is. He has an uncanny talent for describing scenes that paint such a detailed picture in my mind that I feel as if I can reach out and touch the characters. I first discovered Robinson’s works when he was a self published author. Now he has become quiet popular. I recently found copies of this books at my local library here in Florida.IMG_0415

I was first intrigued by the description of his first book ‘In the Blood’ as a genealogy mystery.  All the books in the series revolve around genealogist Jefferson Tayte researching someone’s family history.The novels take place in Europe but Tayte is from America. To me this is brilliant because it allows readers on both sides of the pond to identify with the novel.

Kindred is the fifth book in the series. It is fast paced and multilayered . This novel focuses on Tayte researching his own family history (he was adopted under mysterious circumstances as an infant). The story line did remind me a little of Jodi Picoult’s book ‘The Storyteller’ but this novel focuses on Tayte exploring his mysteries family past. 

Kindred was a five star read for me. Robinson always keeps me eagerly anticipating the next Jefferson Tayte novel. I recommend all five of Steve Robinson’s books (‘To The Grave’ being my favorite’).
I was given a copy of this book via netgalley in exchange for a honest review.

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The Girls in The Garden by…Lisa Jewell

  A community with a common garden and two crimes. One years ago and one in the present. ‘The Girls in the Garden’ tells the story of the complex relationships involved in a close knit community.The story begins with Pip finding her sister Grace in the garden after an apparent attack . The story then back tracks  to the events leading  the crime. Soon it is revealed that years before a similar event occurred in the same area of the garden.

I enjoyed this book. It reminded me somewhat of  the ‘Girl on the Train’ in that the reader knows a crime has taken place then a large cast of possible suspects is introduced and the details of the event slowly emerge.

  The first half  of the novel went quite slowly for me but the second half o  picked up speed. Although,I didn’t find this novel as engrossing as the ‘Girl on the Train’,I did find  the characters well developed, interesting, and believable. I did  find this book fairly predicable for a mystery/thriller and I found the ending pretty somewhat of a let down.

  Overall, I did enjoy this novel and would recommend ‘The Girls in the Garden’ for anyone that likes a good modern ‘who done it’. I wish there were more books in this genre set in America as lately I find the novels I am most interested in are set in the UK .

Overall, I give this novel a strong for stars.

Rating: 📖 📖 📖 📖

I received a copy of this novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.