Revenants:The Odyssey Home…by Scott Kauffman


I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

 Against the backdrop of the politics of the Vietnam War , Betsy and her family must somehow come to terms with the death of her brother,Nathan, at the hands of the Viet Cong. When Betsy acts out at school, she is given an ultimatum to work  as a candy stripper at the VA hospital or to be held back a year in school.
  It is during her work at the VA that she discovers a mystery WWI vet who is kept secluded in the attic. In her quest to discover his story and where he belongs, she tries to mend her own grieving family’s broken heart.

 I am not sure exactly what I expected when I began reading this book. I will honestly admit that I did not understand the meaning of the title or how the cover related to the story line. The reason I was drawn  to the novel was partly because own my dad is a Vietnam Veteran  and partly because I’ve never  read a novel about war from the perspective of the soldier’s family at home.
  I think this novel really touches on some very important issues.  Not just of those soldiers lost on the battlefield but those that return home. The portrayal of many of the men at the VA hospital as well as the mystery patient, shows how little psychological support many of veterans received in the past and how PTSD is just recently being actively addressed.
‘Revenants’ held my attention because of the mystery of the background of the ‘patient’. More importantly,though, I found this novel to be a story about the sacrifice of war.

  As Veterans Day approaches, ‘Revenants’ is a reminder of the things our Service men and women and their families give up for our  country.
I loved the unique perspective and important message of this novel.
 I give it four stars.



Rating: 📖📖📖📖