Rewind:Can I Get There by Candlelight by Jean Slaughter Doty

So I have been very nostalgic lately and have been thinking about some of the books I read as a preteen, partly since now I have kids beginning to read middle grade and YA books. So I decided to try and reread some of the books I read via the ’80’s  and see if they are as I remember. Some of them I saved and still have. But many were from the library, so this means I don’t actually remember the name of many. Luckily, thanks to Goodreads and the ‘Stump the Book Seller’ site, I was  able to figure out the titles and order them. So now I am rereading them and writing reviews about my memory of the book vs. now.

One of the ones I remembered fondly as a preteen (circa 1982) is ‘Can I Get there by Candlelight’ by Jean Slaughter Doty. This is a time travel YA novel (I first read it about 35 years ago)( ok feel old now). This book is  currently out of print but  I found that copies were available on  Amazon.

The story is about a girl who moves to a farmhouse in a new town and takes her horse ‘Candlelight’ for a ride across the property . She then stumbles upon a girl and her dog living next door. She soon figures out that her friend is living 100 years in the past (via clothing, horse and buggies etc). However, when she rides her horse’Candlelight’ back home she is again in the present. Throughout the novel she travels back and forth between the present and the past (she only time travels when she is at the neighboring farm and only when she rides her horse there).

The book is as magical as I remember it and I loved reading it a second time. I did remember some of the details incorrectly. For example, I thought she visited a whole family, not just one girl.  I think it’s also interesting that technology has vastly changed since the book was written (no cell phones to call home, no internet to look historical facts etc.) 

I plan on reading this book with my kids and possibly other books by the same author. Most of Jean Slaughter Doty’s books are YA books about horses, something I didn’t know in 1982 since there was no Google. 

So to sum it up ‘Can I Get There by Candlelight’ is going on my favorites book shelf  and I’m giving it 5 stars. 



Rating:📖 📖 📖 📖 📖 ♥
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