The Silent Twin…by Caroline Mitchell

silent twin

One twins goes missing on a desolate country farm. The other twin stays silent about what happened to her sister. Police officer Jennifer Knight is sent to the home as a family liaison officer. The twins parents both seem as if they could be responsible. Knight uses her police skills and sixth sense to try to find the girl in time.
The book was not as spooky as the cover and title led me to believe. (Although there were a few spooky scenes).I found the plot of this book to be somewhat fast paced.  It kept me questioning who did it. Just when I thought I had the mystery of the kidnaper figured out, the storyline would twist and turn.

I liked the character of Jennifer Knight and how she is not a  perfect person but is excellent at her job. The conclusion reminded me a little of ‘Dark Places’ because it had a double twist. I found the novel a wonderful ‘who done’ it. It did lag a bit in the middle, for me, but definitely picked up quickly. I also did get a little confused in the police terms and ranks since this book is based in the UK and I am used to American police structure but I easily remedied this googling the terms.

I may read the other DC Knight books. I  would recommend for any crime and thriller lovers out there. I give it four stars.